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Wellness care brought closer to you at Cincinnati

Are you weary of waiting for ages to meet with a medical practitioner?  Fearing the worst while you wait. Well, all that is now a thing of the past.  Today at Peak Performance Medical you can meet with your doctor according to your convenience … yes read again … you can meet with your doctor at your convenience.

How is this possible?

At Peak Performance Medical the rules of the waiting game are reversed.  At this wellness clinic, each medical practitioner has been allotted a limited number of patients to see per day. This means it is easier to get an appointment and the medical provider has more time to spend with you.  With more time on their hands, the doctors at Peak Performance Medical can give you more attention.  When you become a member at Peak Performance Medical you stand to gain several advantages.  Foremost among them being easy access to your medical practitioner.  You will be able to fix an appointment at your convenience. Isn’t that a great advantage?

Go ahead and subscribe to Peak Performance Medical

What’s holding you back now?  Hurry rush and become a member at Peak Performance Medical.  In addition to the easy access to your doctor, you also stand to gain several other benefits.  In-house injections, laboratory tests, all come for free.  External tests, MRIs, prescription medicines which normally come with an exorbitant price tag are now available at a substantially discounted rate for members of Peak Performance Medical. The subscription rates at Peak Performance Medical are highly economical – $ 55 per adult between the ages of 18 to 62.  A family of two with one child can enroll at a fee of $ 110/= per month.  The additional dependent child need pay only $ 10/- per month. For more details feel free to visit

Therapies available

The commercial advantages aside, the methods of treatment are medically advanced and have proved to be highly successful.  Here at Peak Performance Medical, the most modern and unique of therapies are available for treatment of varied illnesses and pains.  Most of the treatments are pain-free, non-invasive and have a high success rate in the minimum downtime.

The hormone replacement therapy restores the hormonal imbalance in the body.  Replacing hormones is just as safe as replacing deficient vitamins in the body.  You do not think twice about popping vitamin supplements each day, so why hesitate about hormone replacement.  The hormones infused into the body in pellet form are obtained from soybeans or yams and are almost biologically similar to testosterone as it exists in the natural form in the human body. The pellets are manufactured under the strictest conditions and conform to government accepted guidelines.

Class IV Laser Therapy is a pain-free therapy available at Peak Performance Medical.  All you feel is a warm glow penetrating the body and soon you begin to feel comfortable as the pain the area gradually fades away.  The number and frequency of sessions will depend on the nature of the injury.

Platelet rich plasma therapy is among the safest therapies available as here we are dealing with the patient’s own blood – segregating a concentration of platelets and again injecting them into the body to address injuries in the tendons, cartilage and even bone.

So why wait any longer, become a member at Peak Performance Medical and stand to gain the advantage of timely treatment not just for prevailing illness but also to enhance the quality of life with their wellness therapies. True to its name this boutique clinic seeks to see everybody live life at their “Peak”. More Info


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