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Clint Cornell-The Man behind the scene

Patient, pleasant, frank, forthright, altruistic, public-spirited these are the words you would use to describe the spirit of the man named Clint Cornell.  He exudes kindness, honesty, integrity and trust at the very first meeting. He listens patiently to your medical history and only after you have laid bare details of all that ails you, will he ask for clarification.  He will clearly outline his proposed blueprint for treatment, the expected extent of treatment and the number of sittings that it would entail.

Where can you contact Clint Cornell?

Clint Cornell PA-C is now associated with Peak Performance Medical at Cincinnati Ohio.  Peak Performance Medical is a unique medical platform offering old style medicine in a new module.  Their novel approach to medical treatment along with Clint’s innovative style of practice is a therapeutic bonanza.

What’s new at Peak Performance Medical?

Whether you call it boutique medicine or concierge medical care, it is a novel medical practice, where for a nominal monthly retainer, you gain easy access to your doctor.  What’s more, is that your doctor is able to devote a longer time to your medical issues since the number of patients allotted to each doctor is limited. With practitioners such as Clint Cornell Cincinnati on the roster, the allotted time is utilized to the optimum.  Clint’s hospital manner is very reassuring and he exudes empathy and understanding, thereby putting the patient at ease.  It is not every day that one feels this rapport with a proficient therapeutic.

The advantages of registering at Peak Performance Medical

Apart from the ease of access to the doctor, treatment at Peak Performance Medical comes with a lot of complimentary benefits such as injections, in-house laboratory tests, EKGs, lung function tests and the like.  External tests, MRIs, prescription drugs can be obtained at heavily discounted rates if you are a member at Peak Performance Medical.  You will find that you are paying only about 1/7th of the normal charges.  Now isn’t that a saving for you?

Peak Performance Plus

‘Sick care’ treatment aside, Peak Performance Plus offers several ‘well care’ alternative integrative medical strategies. If you stop to consider the benefits gained from these treatments, the commercial consideration is worth every cent you pay.

You need no longer live with that nagging lower back pain, or a tingling pinched nerve.  The improvised therapies that Clint Cornell PA-C will introduce you to are cost effective and relatively painless.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Hormone replacement and optimization ensures that the patient derives all due benefits and related issues of fatigue and lack of sex drive is erased. Generally, the preferred option for administration of the hormone is through insertion of grain size pellets into the subcutaneous layer fat below the waistline. The entire process takes about 10 to 15 minutes and no suturing is involved. The effects are long lasting and the side affects practically nil.

Class IV Laser Therapy

This therapy is ideal for treating pain of all degrees from the acute to the chronic.  Acute injuries can be resolved with 4 to 6 sessions conducted over a week to 10 days.  Chronic pain can be treated in 6 to 12 sessions over 2 to 4 weeks. Clint Cornell Cincinnati, being an outdoors man himself, advocates this therapy as it reduces the downtime of the sportsperson from the field of action.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Yet again another highly recommended treatment for sports related injuries with absolutely no side effects since the platelets are drawn from the patients’ own blood.  A painless and effective therapy for sports persons’ pains.

Dr. Clint Cornell will be happy to recommend the ideal module of treatment for you. He can be reached at his office at Cincinnati for more details. Read More



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