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Clint Cornell-The right choice for sports injuries

Every sportsperson without exception burns with an unquenchable fire for sports and outdoor activity.  A sporting injury, therefore, is as traumatically torturous in more aspects than one.  Firstly the fear that he or she may never be able to return to the arena of sporting action.  Secondly, the downtime away from the arena can be as painful mentally, as the injury itself.

Today, the sportsperson is fortunate that the field of sports medicine has diversified so greatly and each field of injury has its own specialized doctors treating the ailments.  Clint Cornell is a renowned sports injury therapeutic practitioner much sought out by ailing sportspersons.  The names of the rich and famous who have been treated under him are long and illustrious.

Clint Cornell – the sportspersons’ therapeutic practitioner

Clint Cornell himself is a man of the outdoors and a lover of adventure, he, therefore, understands the anguish the sportsperson endures when out of action.  It is fortunate that Clint Cornell PA-C is now associated with Peak Performance Medical a platform that specializes in alternative and integrative medical strategies. Membership with Peak Performance Medical entitles you to a whole host of benefits, firstly easy access to the doctor, several in-house freebies and high discounts on external medical tests, MRIs and prescription medicines.  At Peak Performance Medical, you experience freedom from insurance paperwork and at the same time reap the similar,  if not better benefits.

The sportsperson’s injuries and pains and the remedial therapies

Plagued by a tennis elbow, Achilles tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis? Well, medical assistance is on hand.  The new and effective Platelet Rich Plasma therapy improvised at Peak Performance Medical is a wonderful solution for these sports related injuries.  There are absolutely no side effects or reasons for rejection or allergic reactions since the platelets are drawn from the patients’ own blood, segregated, concentrated and re-injected into the area of pain.

For those interested in a few cosmetic enhancements the good news is that with Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, amazing results can be obtained.  According to Clint Cornell, reduction of wrinkles and stalling of the aging process, stimulating hair follicles and re-growing hair are among the other benefits of this therapy.

Class IV Laser Therapy is another recommended treatment for sports injuries.  This differs from the conventional laser treatment and does not damage tissue – it merely stimulates the injured area of the body with energy which heals the damaged nerves, ligaments, tendons, cartilage and even bone.  At Peak Performance Medical, Clint Cornell PA-C administers the initial four sessions within the span of 4 to 7 days, and spaces out the remaining treatment over the next few weeks.  This fast paced treatment offers immense relief from pain and reduces the patient’s downtime radically.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy is yet again another exceptional integrative therapy available at Peak Performance Medical which restores the lost zest and zing for life.  Testosterone often incorrectly thought to be solely a male hormone, is actually equally important for both men and women.  Lower levels of testosterone can adversely affect the quality of life. In addition to the loss of the competitive edge, a continuous feeling of fatigue, unexplainable loss of weight, loss of sex drive, is the effects of low testosterone levels. It is also important in the regulation of sugar levels in the body.  The right levels of testosterone in the body can reverse the condition of diabetic patients to non-diabetics since testosterone moves the glucose into the muscles where it is burnt as fuel.  Clint Cornell offers those opting to go in for testosterone replacement, the choice of injections or pellet insertions.  The latter process has longer lasting effects as the pellets administer a daily dose of testosterone, imitating the body’s natural production.

For more details on the therapies available, feel free to contact the office of Clint Cornell Cincinnati .



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