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Clint Cornell at Peak Performance Medical brings you a dual benefit

There are times when you are not really indisposed but you feel that you should be having more zest for life and yet the required pep seems to be eluding you.  If such be the case, Peak Performance Medical is the clinic you should be visiting.

A Unique medical platform

Peak Performance Medical offers a unique medical module, where for a monthly retainer you have direct access to a doctor and a whole host of freebies and allied benefits.  Doctors at Peak Performance Medical are allotted no more than 600 patients which give them the opportunity to spend more valuable time with each patient.  Ask for Clint Cornell and you can be sure that within a short period of time you recover your lost zest and zing.

What does Clint Cornell have to offer?

Clint Cornell is essentially a family man, a man with a lot of patience and understanding.  He will hear you out patiently and then outline his plan of treatment for you, apprise you of the anticipated duration of the treatment and the number of meetings that will be required.  There’s that special something about Clint Cornell that puts his patients at ease at the very first meeting.

We are indeed fortunate that Clint Cornell Cincinnati  is associated with Peak Performance Medical and able to capitalize on their gamut of alternative and integrative medical strategies.

Treatment available at Peak Performance Medical

Being an outdoor man himself, Clint Cornell PA-C specializes in healing sports injuries and pains, including but not limited to Achilles tendonitis, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis and tennis elbow.  The methods of treatment are relatively pain-free and fast working.  The shorter duration of downtime away from the sporting arena is another factor that interests sportspersons. Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is popular among sports persons.  Here we can proudly state that Tiger Woods was one among the names of several sporting celebrities who have benefitted from this therapy.  In this procedure, blood is drawn from the patient, the platelets are segregated; the concentration of platelets is then re-injected back into the patients’ are of pain.  Chances of rejection are nil, as it is the patients’ own blood that is being used.

Class IV Laser Therapy is another popular cure among sportsperson as it brings on quick relief and enables the sportsperson to resume his sporting activity in the shortest possible span of time.

Sometimes no more than a week of downtime

Testosterone Replacement Therapy is perhaps the most important therapy to bring the zing back into your life.  Often considered to be only a male hormone, it is essential for both men and women to lead an optimally satisfying life.


This treatment also has cosmetic benefits. It is known to have knocked off unwanted weight and kept the weight off, even after treatment.  Alopecia has been successfully treated with testosterone hormone replacement.  It stimulates the hair follicles and promotes re-growth of hair.  Though seemingly cosmetic on the surface, they can also be considered psychological treatments as they boost your self-esteem and consequently open new avenues for you.

Clint Cornell Cincinnati is a therapeutic physician who thinks out of the box. With all these integrative strategies at his disposal, he combines the best of alternate treatment with time-tested procedures to bring quick and sure treatments to his patients.  His background and upbringing on the farms of Michigan further complement his innate medical prowess and divergent thinking – all these add up to the ideal therapeutic practitioner.  Look no further than Clint Cornell’s medical office in Cincinnati for your medical issues.  You will be more than satisfied with the treatment and therapies available. About Clint Cornell


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