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Clint Cornell PA-C comes across as an altruist before he unveils the doctor in him.  He has a lot of patience, is frank, forthright and extremely understanding.  He listens to his patients without interrupting unless he has a pertinent medical query.  Once you have apprised him of your medical condition, he evaluates all allied symptoms and conducts exhaustive tests before embarking on the course of treatment.

Now that Clint Cornell is associated with Peak Performance Medical, he has integrative and alternative medical strategies to assist in your treatment.  At Peak Performance Medical the underlying mission is to ensure every person lives life at a medical peak.  Besides traditional sick care treatments, Peak Performance Medical also offers several ‘well care’ procedures intended to enhance the quality of life.

Peak Performance Medical has several offices in Cincinnati and plans are afoot to open facilities at other locations as well.  The secret behind Peak Performance Medical’s success rate is the individual and customized attention each patient receives.  The doctors at Peak Performance Medical are allotted a limited number of patients, this gives them more time with each patient.  More time with each patient translates into specialized care, attention and tailor-made solutions.

Another factor is the benefit of free in-house laboratory tests and procedures, injections, EKGs, lung function tests etc.  On external medical services and prescriptions, substantial rebates are available, thus making medical care more affordable.  The ease of fixing an appointment with a doctor is perhaps the biggest advantage. This can be arranged within the span of 24 hours. Should you at any time wish to urgently contact your doctor by phone, mail or telemedicine, he is readily reachable.   For the fixed monthly retainer each Peak Performance Medical member pays, the advantages are extensive.

Well Care at Peak Performance Medical

Besides the customary medical treatment, Peak Performance Medical offers some highly advanced ‘well care’ medical options, under the package termed Peak Performance Plus.

Knocking off weight and keeping it off is a perpetual challenge for most people.  Peak Performance Medical helps you keep unwanted pounds at bay with a variety of IV therapies and nutrition optimization programs.  Cosmetic reasons aside, staying trim also improves the quality of your health.  The various modules of treatment help deal with enhancing energy levels, battling against disease and infection, quick recovery from a hangover, optimize brain functioning.  These therapies are not commonly found at your typical clinics and doctors’ offices.

  • Platelet Rich Plasma is a favored procedure by sportspersons as it is a relatively pain-free process to treat sports injuries and the greatest advantage is that it reduces time away from the sporting arena. Sportspersons detest being away from the field of action and the platelet rich plasma is one of the sure quick fix methods of treatment that reduces downtime. Tiger Woods has successfully had this procedure and he was back on the golf course within a short span of time.

The procedure, explains Clint Cornell Cincinnati , involves drawing a patient’s blood and segregating the platelets. The platelets are then concentrated and injected back into the area of pain. There is absolutely no chance of rejection as the platelets are drawn from the patient’s own body. This procedure has proved highly effective in the treatment of sports-related injuries.

  • Class IV Laser Therapy also referred to as Therapeutic Laser Therapy is a procedure by which cells are infused with energy which prompts quick healing and relief from pain. The bones, cartilage, ligaments, tendons and nerves in the injured area are stimulated in a

beneficial way.  The number of sessions will vary from injury to injury but even grievous injuries are known to have been set right in as short as one week’s time confirms Clint Cornell.

  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy has far reaching beneficial effects in both men and women. The required testosterone levels ensure better metabolic activity and all round good health and zest for life.

If you wish to live life at the zenith, contact Clint Cornell’s office at Cincinnati for more details.

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