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Clint Cornell–the sportspersons right choice

The stadium beckons the athlete and the wild outdoors summons the adventure seeker, but injury and pain may choose to play spoilsport and dampen their spirits.  Here’s where Clint Cornell steps in to the rescue.

Who is Clint Cornell?

Clint Cornell is a renowned therapeutic physician with a proactive approach, who delves into a patient’s history and views his medical challenges from a wide perspective.  But before we go into the merits of meeting with Clint Cornell, let us take a sneak peek into his background.  An outdoors man who grew up on a farm, his love for the great big outdoors still burns fiercely. An adventure seeker himself he empathizes with the sportsperson, who yearns to be back on the scene doing what he loves best.   Clint Cornell PA-C has therefore made some remarkable innovations and offers the injured sportsperson or adventurer exceptional remedies which are relatively pain-free and hasten the process of recovery.

Peak Performance Medical

Clint Cornell Cincinnati is now associated with Peak Performance Medical, a unique medical platform, dispensing good old school medicine in a new way.  By subscribing to Peak Performance Medical you stand to gain easy access to your doctor, free in-house laboratory tests, injections, EKGs and lung tests.  In addition, considerable rebates are made available to members on external tests, MRIs, prescription drugs etc. Since the number of patients to a doctor at Peak Performance Medical is limited, the doctor has more time to spend with you

Peak Performance Plus

In addition to ‘sick care’ benefits mentioned above, Peak Performance Plus also offers you several advanced methods of treatment for ‘well care’, at a reasonable additional charge.

  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy
  • Class IV Laser Therapy
  • Platelet Rich Plasma

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone is an important hormone in both men and women.  A drop in testosterone levels can affect us adversely – unhealthy weight gain, constant fatigue, loss of zest and sex drive etc. The right levels of testosterone not only reverse these symptoms but are also known to reverse diabetic conditions also. In women, testosterone infusion has been found to enhance bone density and reduce menopausal symptoms of irritability, hot flashes, fatigue, and sexual dysfunction

Clint Cornell PA-C will begin therapy only after a thorough evaluation of the patient and exhaustive tests.  Allied problems such as thyroid dysfunction, nutritional deficiencies, and adrenal weariness are also considered when conducting the investigative tests. Testosterone replacement can be administered either by injection or implant.  Pellet insertion has longer lasting effects than injections as it closely imitates the body’s natural testosterone production.

Class IV Laser Therapy:

This is another quick remedial measure for the sportsperson, as it reduces the downtime and consequently expenditure as also quantum of medication.  At Peak Performance Medical traditional therapeutic laser therapy has been modified so that the most serious of injuries heal in the span of a week! Now isn’t that good news for the athlete/adventure seeker? Clint Cornell Cincinnati assures you that the treatment is painless.

Platelet Rich Plasma:

This is another procedure made popular by Tiger Woods who personally took this route for his sports-related injuries.  This therapy is not limited to sporting conditions but is also used for cosmetic and self-esteem enhancement. Hair restoration, age reversal, improved brain function, weight loss are some of the psychological aspects that have been successfully treated by platelet rich plasma therapy.

The advantage of all these therapies is that there are no adverse side effects.

We would like to reassure you that membership at Peak Performance Medical is not only for the privileged and affluent.  The membership fee is reasonable; in fact, the intangible benefits far outweigh all commercial conditions.

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