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Listen to Expert, heed his Advice

“Health is wealth”, “If health is lost, all is lost” we have heard these and similar other proverbs from our childhood. Many of us may recall parental coaxing and cajoling to get us to eat our veggies and repeated advice to eat right.  This precautionary advice over health continues into adulthood when we are advised to go for master health checkups periodically.  As we grow older, the number of tests increases.  We would do well to heed our expert’s advice and make the necessary lifestyle changes if required.

Clint Cornell PA-C is one such expert who takes a personal interest in his patients and goads them into living right and living healthy.  It is a matter of good fortune that this renowned family practitioner is now associated with Peak Performance Medical because in this medical module time and easy access to the expert are given their rightful importance.


What’s different at Peak Performance Medical?

Peak Performance Medical at Ohio, Cincinnati is a unique medical arrangement offering primary and urgent health care in a novel manner.  For a fixed monthly retainer you and your family can have direct and easy access to a expert either for customary needs or urgent medical requirements. Communication with your expert at Peak Performance Medical is direct and not through his office.  You can speak with him directly or via text, email and “telemedicine”.  If required you can visit him immediately since each of the experts at Peak Performance Medical is allotted a limited number of patients, thus making access to them easy.

The advantages of having Clint Cornell treat you

As a Direct Primary Care practitioner, Clint Cornell Cincinnati has more time to spend with his patients.  Given his innate compassionate nature, he is able to set you at ease at the very first meeting.  Open and forthcoming, he will take the time to explain to you in layman terms, the nature of treatment he intends administering and the required sessions it will entail.  Fired with a passion for innovation, he has successfully modified existing practices with far-reaching positive results.

Alternative Medicine Strategies

Experts at Peak Performance Medical have successfully compounded exclusive alternative and integrative medical strategies to deal with the less obvious medical challenges.  To take a simple example, constant fatigue is not easily dismissed by Clint Cornell as a minor medical setback.  Instead, he takes a proactive approach and examines all possible causes such as hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficits or adrenal fatigue.  Once the root cause has been identified, innovative methods of treatment are employed.  One such is Testosterone Replacement.

Testosterone is one of the most important hormones in the body; a decrease in the production of testosterone can cause a drop in energy levels, loss of the sex drive and in general a loss of the competitive edge that keeps us all pepped up.

Replacement of testosterone can be administered either by injections or by implanting testosterone pellets into the fatty layer of tissue under the skin, generally in the upper buttocks just below the belt line.  Treatment is repeated periodically weekly or biweekly as required.

Clint Cornell Cincinnati has built a reputation as a therapeutic practitioner for sportspersons, for his quick and fast healing therapies such as Class IV Laser Therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma. Both methods have found favor with rich and prominent sports persons, Tiger Woods being one who opted for Platelet Rich Plasma therapy.

Clint Cornell has at no time in his career hesitated to innovative and improvise upon existing methods of treatment, all to good advantage.  Favored as a family practitioner and a therapeutic consultant, Clint Cornell PA-C is your right choice for all medical issues.

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