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None of the routine laboratory tests throw up any serious ailment, but, your spirits sag, your zest for life is nonexistent, yet you can’t put a finger on what ails you – you are in a medical limbo. Something is amiss. Under these circumstances, the right to approach would be Clint Cornell who is now on the team at Peak Performance Medical.

Given, his innate understanding and patient nature coupled with the mode of operation at Peak Performance Medical, your problems will soon be resolved.

How does Peak Performance Medical operate?

Peak Performance Medical is a unique medical arrangement and it comes with a plethora of benefits for the patient. Unlike the traditional primary care services where a single has to attend to more than 4000 patients, at Peak Performance Medical, not more than 600 patients are allotted to a single. This makes access to the much easier. You can interact with him directly either over phone, text, email, virtual “telemedicine” or in person.

Clint Cornell PA-C, being the type of man he is, he will set you at ease at the very first session. With his infinite patience, genuine interest, and proactive approach, he will be quick to assess the reason for your ailment. Most often the causes for an illness can go far beyond the seemingly apparent. The root cause could be a deficiency of hormones, poor nutrition or a dysfunctional thyroid. All these causes are proactively analyzed at Peak Performance Medical.

Though Peak Performance Medical does not accept insurance, membership with them is an insurance in itself. The membership gives you access to the and certain in-house administrations such as injections, laboratory tests, EKGs etc. Prescription medicines, MRIs, external laboratory tests etc. are offered at a substantially discounted price. Take for example the costs of a simple CBC (complete blood count) which costs the general public $ 40; Peak Performance Medical members pay only $ 2.80 for this same test. How does that compare with insurance?


Additional benefits at Peak Performance Medical

Peak Performance medical also offers some very interesting integrative medical strategies which come with a package called Peak Performance Medical Plus. To mention a few:-

  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy- Clint Cornell PA-C can confidently assure you that replacement of testosterone in both men and women is absolutely safe. Testosterone is often regarded as the male hormone, but studies have proved that testosterone in women has positive effects – it enhances bone density and reduces risk of breast cancer,
  • Class IV Laser Therapy – This is a quick and effective method of treating sporting injuries and is regarded as a boon by athletes as it is economical and reduces downtime.
  • Platelet Rich Plasma – This is a procedure of drawing out a patient’s blood, separating the platelets and re-injecting the concentrated platelets back into the injured area. Here again, Clint Cornell Cincinnati can assure you there is no chance of rejection or allergic reactions as we are using the patient’s own blood.

A unique medical arrangement with an exceptional medical man on the team, make for a very satisfying medical experience.



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