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Our stage and status in life do not necessarily determine our happiness. True happiness lies in a clear conscience and more importantly good health. It is not without reasons that the adage runs thus – ‘Health is wealth’! When health is imperiled we need to see the before it disappears entirely and we be reduced to a miserable invalid. Here again, while most may be able to treat the disease it would be better if one could identify the who can treat the patient who has the disease. Such a can be found in Clint Cornell PA-C.

Clint Cornell PA-C – the Man himself

Clint Cornell PA-C has built his medical reputation not merely on his skill as a therapeutic medical man but also on his noble, altruistic and humane nature. He puts the patient at ease with his demeanor and at the first instance the patient gains confidence and builds a rapport with this therapeutic.

Once confidence and trust are established between patient, treatment is by far easier. We would further recommend Clint Cornell PA-C to anyone, given that he adopts innovative and quick working procedures.

Peak Performance Medical  

Innovative in approach, Clint Cornell is now on the team at Peak Performance Medical. What is Peak Performance Medical – it is a unique arrangement that offers both direct medical care and integrative medical strategies.

How does Peak Performance Medical Operate?

By becoming a member of Peak Performance Medical, you and your family pay a nominal monthly subscription which will entitle you to prime consultation sessions and several in-house freebies such as injections, laboratory tests, EKGs etc. You will enjoy discounted rates for prescription medicines, external tests, MRIs and other related external investigations.

To learn more about the subscriptions rates and benefits of rebates offered on medical investigations, feel free to contact the office of Clint Cornell Cincinnati. Do not be surprised when you learn how economically you can ride through a medical emergency if you are a Peak Performance Medical member.

Advanced and allied medical strategies on offer

Given that the lower number of patients handled per at Peak Performance Medical,Patient time is actually tailor made to suit your convenience. You get quality time with the therapeutic who thereby gains a better understanding of your health issues. Clint Cornell is proactive by nature and can easily pinpoint your ailment at the first session. He will then determine how many sessions will be needed to remedy your medical issue. You will be happy to know that the procedures employed at Peak Performance Medical are comparatively competitive and more importantly quick acting, thereby reducing downtime from service / activity.

To briefly enumerate, some of the integrative medical strategies available at Peak Performance Medical are:-

  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy
  • Class IV Laser Therapy
  • Platelet Rich Plasma

These are tried and tested procedures with positive results. The list of prominent clientele cannot be entirely disclosed as a breach of medical confidentiality, but suffice it to say that among the names of those who underwent therapy at Peak Performance Medical we have celebrated names of the rich and famous.



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