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Clint Cornell Cincinnati at your Comfort Zone

It is not difficult to find skilled who are good at their profession and who have an amazing record of success to their name. However, how many of them can offer you the level of comfort and the excellent rapport that you encounter in the visiting room of Clint Cornell PA-C?

Patient – rapport

As commendable as his medical proficiency is, Clint Cornell bedside manner is estimable. At the very first session, he puts the patient at ease. Once the comfort zone has been established, the patient is halfway on the road to recovery. In addition, Clint Cornell PA-C is proactive in his approach and has an aptitude in diagnosing issue related medical hitches.

Peak Performance Medical  

Clint Cornell PA-C is now on the team at Peak Performance Medical. So you now have a combination of an exemplary therapeutic and a unique medical practice wrapped into one. A double whammy if you choose to use a colloquial term!

What is Peak Performance Medical? It is a new manner of offering traditional direct primary medical care. Here each attends to a limited number of patients, around 600 patients when compared to the general trend of seeing approximately 4000 patients. The math is simple. Fewer patients more time spent with each patient, more time with each patient, means a more accurate diagnosis and precise treatment accorded.

For a nominal monthly membership fee, you and your family can sign up for medical care from Peak Performance Medical. While Peak Performance Medical does not accept insurance, membership with them may well be regarded as insurance in itself. As a member of Peak Performance Medical, the patient enjoys several complimentary in-house services, such as injections, laboratory tests, EKGs and lung testing. For external testing, prescription medicines, MRIs, ultrasound and the like, Peak Performance Medical members enjoy considerably discounted rates. The rate paid by members of Peak Performance Medical is as low as 1/7th to 1/8th of the market rates. For more details on membership and the accompanying benefits, you may contact the office of Clint Cornell Cincinnati.

Add-on benefits at Peak Performance Medical

Peak Performance Medical offers innovative therapies not generally available at a office. These therapies can improve your personal immunity levels, enhance brain function, enhance energy levels, pain alleviation etc. The weight loss programs are designed not merely to knock off the extra pounds but to keep them perpetually off as the programs target psychological as well as metabolic reactions.

Cosmetic augmenting treatments are also available to reduce age bearing signs of wrinkles and furrowed skin. Alopecia a sore area, among young men, can easily be treated at Peak Performance Medical and the condition reversed by treatment on hair follicles.

Visit Clint Cornell PA-C at Peak Performance Medical to experience exclusive treatment from the who understands his patients in an exceptional way. His gentle, understanding and patient manner matches his expertise and proficiency.



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