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CLINT CORNELL PA-C- The Ultimate Therapeutic

Medicine finds itself in the category of the noble professions, and thanks to such as Clint Cornell, the categorization is justified.Clint Cornell brings to the visiting room patience, understanding and a genuine interest in his patients and their illnesses.

Patient relationship

Before we go into his methods of treatment, let us delve into the man himself. He is unhurried, patient and proactive in approach. He exudes an air of serenity and concern for all patients, irrespective of their social or economic status. This genuine interest exhibited by him puts the patient at ease and that is the psychological aspect of the cure under way.

Peak Performance Medical

Coupled with these innate humanitarian qualities, Clint Cornell PA-C is now associated with Peak Performance Medical at Cincinnati, Ohio. Peak Performance Medical is a unique medical arrangement combining primary medical care with a variety of integrative medical strategies. Clint Cornell PA-C @ Peak Performance Medical is the ultimate medical solution.

How does Peak Performance Medical function and what does it have to offer the general public? Direct primary care now comes to you in an unusual module, which is rapidly gaining popularity in the USA. For a fixed monthly retainer, you and your family can avail of membership with Peak Performance Medical. Slabs vary depending on age, family composition and other factors. For further details, you may contact the office of Clint Cornell PA-C and they will be more than ready to give you the complete details.

Treatment at Peak Performance Medical is sans insurance but let that not worry you. They offer you several in-house benefits such as discounted rates on injections, laboratory tests, EKGs and lung function tests. For other tests, required to be taken externally, Peak Performance Medical members stand to gain massive discounts and ultimately pay only 1/7th or 1/8th of the market rates. Now isn’t that to your advantage.


At Peak Performance Medical, you can directly contact Clint Cornell over phone, text, email, virtual telemedicine, or visit in person when required. Since the number of patients allocated to each of the at Peak Performance Medical is limited to 600, it makes available the schedule when you need to visit him. This easy access to the is a major advantage.

Allied Medical Strategies available at Peak Performance Medical

Peak Performance Medical does not merely seek to remedy the apparent problem but adopts a practical and preemptive approach to identify related issues that may be causing the medical problem. For example, when administering the testosterone replacement therapy, they not only look for low testosterone levels but also related problems such as adrenal fatigue, thyroid abnormalities, and dysfunction or perhaps nutritional defects.

Class IV Laser Therapy

With Clint Cornell Cincinnati this therapy is one of the best options for the sportsperson, as it remedies injuries with the least amount of downtime, expense, and medication.

Platelet Rich Plasma

This procedure is yet again another one, which has found favor with sportspersons as it highly effective with no known side effects.



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