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You are feeling down and drained, but all the tests conducted at the local hospital do not throw up any serious cause for concern. However, you are not your usual active self. What can the matter be? To regain your vigor and vitality, suggest you visit Clint Cornell for a consultation.

Clint Cornell Cincinnati is on the team of “Peak Performance Medical” a unique medical system operating in Cincinnati, Ohio. It offers the patient direct medical care in a new avatar. For a fixed membership payment every month, the entire family can avail of the services.

The Commercial Advantage

Though insurance is not accepted at Peak Performance Medical, there is no need to worry. Membership at Peak Performance Medical entitles you to a host of in-house complimentary services for example – injections, in-house diagnostic tests, EKG’s and lung function testing etc. On external tests, prescription medicines and even on MRIs you get a substantially discounted rate.   Compare it with what you would normally pay outside for an MRI. Depending on the body part being scanned the MRI could cost anywhere from $ 800 to $ 2800. If you are a member at Peak Performance Medical you need to pay only $ 300 for any MRI, irrespective of the imaging requirements and radiology report. That’s a potential saving of $ 2500 straight away without the hassle of insurance paperwork! Isn’t that reason to smile?

Clint Cornell PA-C can offer you more reason to smile – read on …

Patient Relationship

All commercial considerations aside, you get quality consultation time with the . Given Clint Cornell’s innate altruistic nature, he puts you at ease at the very first consultation. His methods of treatment involve a conventional patient listening session and contemporary and modern methods of treatment. At Peak Performance Medical, each is allotted only 600 patients. This is a very conservative number when compared to the traditional allotment of 4000 patients to a single primary care . Put simply, this offers the and patient sufficient time for rapport building and a comprehensive understanding of the patient’s problems, both historic and occupational.

Treatment Offered

Having briefly outlined the commercial and non-commercial benefits of Peak Performance Medical, let us now look at the innovative and unique methods of treatment offered by Clint Cornell PA-C.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

It is a known fact that hormones play a pivotal role in our lives. Low levels of the all-important testosterone in men and women can bring a feeling of being unwell – fatigue, high sugar levels, loss of drive, loss of competitive edge. One ceases to live, one just exists! To reverse this condition, Clint Cornell PA-C at Peak Performance Medical has a therapeutic module which includes a physical examination and laboratory tests to identify potential health irregularities. It is a proactive approach which also examines other possibilities such as thyroid abnormalities, adrenal fatigue or nutritional deficiencies. Once the root cause is identified and analyzed, treatment commences.

Besides, hormonal corrective treatment, Clint Cornell PA-C can offer you other innovative modern methods of treatment such as Class IV Laser Therapy and Platelet rich plasma treatment.



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